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"Musicians should be charged with devotion. There should be bhakti towards music. That would liven music and ensure that it endures."

- Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer

Welcome to Carnatic Music Circle Melbourne

CMC is a non-profit community organisation established in Melbourne in 1993, to foster and promote Indian music and dance in Australia. We have proudly served the Victorian community for over 22 years.

During this period, CMC has hosted over 250 music and dance concerts in Melbourne and also organised 35 concert tours of Australia by prominent musicians and dancers from India.

CMC is the recipient of Victoria’s Multicultural award for Excellence in 2012 for meritorious service to the community.

Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2012
Recycled Paper
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COVID-19 has impacted the lifestyles of everyone in this world. It has had a profound impact on many livelihoods as well - especially of those in the arts community. The South Indian musicians and dancers are among those in need of assistance in these trying times.

Margazhi in Melbourne is a humble attempt by CMC to raise funds and help these affected artistes, through a series of music and dance concerts between 12 - 20 December 2020.